Sports Bottle
Sports Bottle (1)

This handy lifestyle bottle is great for the gym, when you're out jogging or the office. You can have your favourite drink at hand and a secure storage for keys and money that never leave your grasp.
Capacity: 750ml 
Dimension: 28.0cm (H) x 8.5cm (D)

Beverage Buddy
Beverage Buddy (1) NORMAL RM36.30 / MEMBER RM29

The ever practical Beverage Buddy with an easy grip body requires minimal storage space, making it ideal for home use.

Features & Benefits: 
   Durable, textured surface withstands scratches.
   Slim shape fits easily into fridge door.
   Generous two litre volume is sufficient for a day's consumption in the office.
Colour: Margarita (58461) Cool Aqua (58479) 

Capacity: 2L 
Dimension: 19.9cm (L) x 9.9cm (W) x 22.2cm (H)

High Handolier with Pouch
High Handolier with Pouch* (1) NORMAL RM59/ MEMBER RM 43

A generously-sized personal drink container that comes with a compact pouch for storing keys, mobile phone and money. Ideal as a
fast pick me up when you are on the go!
* Pouch is NOT covered by the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty
Features & Benefits: 
  Classic round seal prevent spills.
  Virtually liquid-tight.

Capacity: 1.5L 
Dimension: 11.7cm (D) x 23.65cm (H)

Thirstbreak Tumbler
Thirstbreak Tumbler (4) NORMAL RM50.40 / MEMBER RM41

Handy and slim with virtually liquid-tight seals makes it ideal for slipping into handbags!

Capacity: 470ml 
Dimension: 7.8cm (D) x 16.7cm (H)
7.8cm (D) x 19.4cm (H) (inclusive drinking spout)
Thirstquake Tumbler
Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch* (1) NORMAL RM39.20 / MEMBER RM32 

The Thirstquake Tumbler features a trendy, sling-on-pouch that makes it easy to use in the office, school or just about anywhere!
* Pouch is NOT covered by the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty


Dimension: 10.0cm (D) x 19.0cm (H)

Water Dispenser

1) Eco Bottle Spring (4) NORMAL RM64.80 / MEMBER RM 52
Eco Cherry & Eco Lemon (2) 500ml
21.0cm(H) X 7.4cm(D)
Eco Orange & Eco Lime (2) 500ml
21.0cm(H) X 7.4cm(D)

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